A great turn-out for AEC’s 74th annual meeting

Wide shot of members in seats

More than 500 registered members of the Co-op gathered at the Expo Center in White Pine on September 27th. Thank you for your participation in the democratic process that sets policy through  member representation on our Board of Directors. We appreciate your support and enjoyed seeing many of our friends and neighbors.


TVA’s Board of Directors approved a 1.5% rate increase, effective October 1, 2014.  Learn more.



Proud of our new partnership

The logo shown above will soon appear on the Co-op’s trucks, signs, apparel, and statement bills. It’s the most visible indication of AEC’s new partnership with Touchstone Energy, which is kind of like a “co-op for co-ops.” This new affiliation harnesses the power and influence of a strong network of more than 750 electric cooperatives from all across the country. No, we haven’t been “bought out” by Touchstone—or anyone else. AEC is still locally controlled by our members through representation on our Board of Directors. This new partnership leverages greater cost-savings and means we’ll have access to a wide variety of tools that are designed specifically to help us reach our members more effectively.


AEC’s outage management map

The Co-op has a brand-new outage map! For the first time ever, AEC is providing visual information displaying the location and extent of outages on our electric outage map - RED - for FBsystem.  The map is refreshed automatically, in order to display current information. This tool is provided to keep our members informed. It’s important to note that AEC does not accept outage reports via electronic media. To report a power outage, please call our main number.