Carry it. Use it. Love it.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you: the Co-op Connections Card, absolutely free and offering savings opportunities available only to AEC members. We’re proud to pass along discounts on everything Connection Card graphic from dentistry, vision care, and prescription drugs available through national pharmacy chains to special deals at local businesses throughout our service area. Learn more about what the Co-op Connections Card can do for you, and look for its arrival in the mail. This is one hard-working card, just like the folks it’s designed to benefit.


Layout 1Save the date!

Plan to join us on Saturday, September 26th for the Co-op’s 75th anniversary celebration and annual membership meeting. Watch for more information about this special event in your statement bill, on AEC’s Facebook page, and in local media outlets. From tethered hot air balloon rides to a sit-down lunch to a children’s play area, you won’t want to miss it!


Take charge of your energy use with Co-op FlexPay

A great new payment option that offers the ability to obtain electric service from AEC without the need for a security deposit, you can think of it like a prepaid card for your cell phone service or like the dollar sign gas gauge fuel gauge on your vehicle. After an initial $50 minimum payment to open your Co-op FlexPay account, you can monitor your daily kWh consumption online or by phone and add funds as needed. Both current and new members can avoid having to pay late charges or reconnection fees by maintaining a positive balance. Learn more about Co-op FlexPay and then come see the friendly folks in AEC’s Service department to sign up.


Pay the easy way

Forget postage. Eliminate the need for a trip or a phone call. Sign up today for our free ACH program and pay your electric bill the easy way! Have your payment deducted automatically from your checking account each month and avoid late fees. Complete this authorization form and mail or bring it to the Co-op along with a voided check to get started, or call 865.475.2032, ext. 1107 for more information.


No more extreme highs and lows

There’s no better way to budget. levelOur Levelized Billing program  helps even out your payments throughout the year. Enrollment for residential members who have had service at the same location for  at least a year runs from April 1 through October 31. Call 865.475.2032 to learn more or to sign up.








eScore gives you more

eScore home

Great professional advice, a rating of your home’s energy efficiency, solid recommendations on the steps you can take to lower your energy bill, and—best of all—rebates to make those improvement projects more affordable!

Our certified energy inspector will come to your home at your convenience and assess the condition of all the various components that affect efficiency—from your HVAC system to insulation to windows and doors. He’ll assign your home a numeric rating (an “eScore”) that you’ll be encouraged to raise through projects you may wish to undertake over time. Each improvement (which you’ll tackle in partnership with a member of our Quality Contractor Network) comes with financial incentives of varying amounts, but they all help offset project costs. Your eScore evaluation is the first step in a process that will result in lower energy costs, greater comfort, and an increase in the value of your home. Call the Co-op’s Member Services Department at ext. 1880 and we’ll help you get started.