Do we owe you money?

If your name is listed  here, you are due a refund from AEC for an inactive deposit. To claim what’s owed to you, contact our Service Department at 865.475.2032, ext. 1800, before April 15.  After that date, all unclaimed refunds must be turned over to the State of Tennessee.

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Introducing a new way to take charge of your energy budget

AEC is offering an exciting new payment option for new and existing residential members. Co-op FlexPay allows you to obtain service, monitor your electrical use, and manage your energy budget with

  • no security deposit
  • no late fees
  • no monthly billing statement

Think of it like the fuel gauge on your car. Or like a prepaid card for your cellphone service. After an initial minimum payment to open your Co-op FlexPay account, you’ll have the ability to track your daily balance—online or by phone—adding funds as needed in order to maintain a positive account status. To participate (or to learn more about this payment option), stop by our Service department or call 865.475.2032, ext. 1800. With Co-op FlexPay, the power of managing your energy use is now in YOUR hands!

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An extra $75 toward improving the efficiency of water
heating for your home

During the month of March, an additional incentive of $75 will be available to AEC residential members who purchase and install a Marathon water heater through our eScore program. (Folks who participate in the program are already eligible for a $100 incentive, so this month’s promotion provides a total incentive of $175!) To schedule an appointment for your in-home eScore evaluation, contact the Co-op’s Member Services department at 865.475.2032, ext. 1880, or register online at After a $50 up-front payment for the evaluation, you’ll be eligible for many more incentives associated with additional energy efficiency improvements you may want to implement at some point in the future–such as adding insulation, upgrading to a new heat pump, etc.