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AEC General Manager Greg Williams attends White House meeting to discuss energy efficiency and renewable energy in rural areas. Click AEC Press release for story.


september 26Save the date!

We’ll be sharing lots of exciting information on AEC’s upcoming 75th anniversary membership meeting in the weeks ahead, but for now you’ll want to mark your calendar for Saturday, September 26th. From tethered hot air balloon rides to a sit-down BBQ lunch to a children’s play area, there’ll be lots of fun, but one very important part of the meeting will be the election of Directors to serve on the Cooperative’s Board for the next three years. For more information, here’s  the report of the Nominating Committee.

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We’ve got you covered


When you find yourself suddenly in the dark, you want outage reporting options that don’t involve waiting on hold—something that frequently occurs when call volumes are high during a major outage. AEC gets that. So we’re providing you with two new ways to let us know you’re out of power.

  • Online, via our outage map

In addition to displaying the locations of any current service interruptions, AEC’s outage map now offers members the ability to report outages. With a few taps on your smartphone or tablet touchscreen, you can provide us with the location of your outage and any pertinent information that may be helpful. You can also request to be notified by either text or email when your service is restored.

  • By phone, via our automated system

AEC’s Interactive Voice Response system makes it possible to get through to us immediately with your outage report. If we’re already aware that your area has been impacted by a disruption in electric service, you’ll hear a message to that effect. And you’ll have the option of receiving a return phone call to notify you when your power’s back on.

One very important thing to note: in order to accurately document your outage using these methods (and also to notify you by a return call) we need your current telephone contact number. The number you provide through outage reporting must agree with the one we have on file for your electric account. If you first obtained service with us years ago, chances are good that we may not have your current phone number. To update your contact information, please call our Service Department at ext. 1800. Don’t wait until there’s an outage to find out that our system doesn’t recognize your telephone number!

Layout 1eScore gives you more

Great professional advice, a rating of your home’s energy efficiency, solid recommendations on the steps you can take to lower your energy bill, and—best of all—rebates to make those improvement projects more affordable!

Our certified energy inspector will come to your home at your convenience and assess the condition of all the various components that affect efficiency—from your HVAC system to insulation to windows and doors. He’ll assign your home a numeric rating (an “eScore”) that you’ll be encouraged to raise through projects you may wish to undertake over time. Each improvement (which you’ll tackle in partnership with a member of our Quality Contractor Network) comes with financial incentives of varying amounts, but they all help offset project costs. Your eScore evaluation is the first step in a process that will result in lower energy costs, greater comfort, and an increase in the value of your home. Call the Co-op’s Member Services Department at ext. 1880 and we’ll help you get started.