Check out participating pharmacy & medical providers offering discounts in our area.

Local Businesses offering discounts with the Co-op Connections Card;

Affordable Siding Installation, New Market    Contact: Jason Crawford 865-654-2877

Mattresses of Morristown, Contact  423-839-0499

Shepard Inn, Dandridge    Contact 865-397-2345

HPS Construction, Talbott   Contact Steve Thayer 865-361-7104

G&M Janitorial Services, Dandridge,  Contact Greg or Michelle Suddeth 217-685-0153


Introducing the Co-op Connections Card!

AEC is pleased to be able to offer a great new benefit for our residential members—an exciting way to save on prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and a growing list of products and services available from local businesses.

The Co-op Connections Card is absolutely free and ready to use from the moment you receive it in the mail. (If you didn’t receive one or to replace a lost card, contact our Member Services department at x1880.)

What it is—and isn’t

AEC members can use the card to save anywhere from 10 to 60 percent at more than 60,000 national and regional pharmacy chains, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Food City, Rite-Aid and many others. It’s important to note that the Co-op Connections card is not insurance, and it cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. It’s a pharmacy discount offer, which can be helpful in a couple of different ways. If you don’t have health insurance that provides a prescription drug benefit, it will help you save on the cost of your prescription medications. If your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a particular medication, you may be able to use your card to purchase that drug at a discounted price.

Where are the discounts available?

The easiest way to learn about which pharmacies/providers/businesses offer discounts through the Co-op Connections program is to turn your card over and call the toll-free number on the back: 1.800.800.7616. You may also do an online search for providers in our service area. Click on these lists of pharmaciesdental, or vision providers that are currently participating; we anticipate adding many more locations at which you can receive a Co-op Connections Card discount in the future. To compare the discounted price of various prescription medications online, enter the drug name, strength, and quantity at

Local restaurants, retail businesses, and service providers can sign on to provide discounts

AEC’s Co-op Connections program will grow—and result in even greater savings for our members—as local establishments join the list of those businesses offering discounts. To attract new customers for your business and to learn more about how the program works, check out the participating business contract.

Can I use the card when I travel?

Yes! If you’re on vacation or visiting another state, look for the Co-op Connections sticker on the doors or windows of participating businesses and present your card to receive any discount offered.

Learn more

You can view additional information about the pharmacy discount offer provided through the Co-op Connections Card  or call AEC’s Member Services department at 865.475.2032, x1880.