Check Out AEC's New Electric Vehicle

Check Out AEC's New Electric Vehicle





About this vehicle:

The bolt offers an EPA estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge (from here to Nashville)

It offers seating capacity for 5 people and has a 200 horsepower electric motor and single speed transmission. The Bolt accelerates 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Top driving speed is 91 mph. This EV has a warranty, including batteries for 8 years / 100,000 miles and the price range is $36,000 - $40,000. The Chevy Bolt has received the National Highway Transportation Safety administration “5-star award” for overall vehicle safety. The interior offers folding rear seats and 56.6 cubic ft. of maximum cargo room.

Charging the Batteries:

Charging the Bolt is as easy as plugging in a cell phone. The vehicle comes with a standard 120 volt portable charge cord, which can plug in anywhere there’s a 3 –prong outlet. Charging this way takes a little more time, so the key is to plug in every day after work and charge up overnight. A 12 hour charge gives you about 50 miles of range, which is equivalent to the average daily commute. Consumers may also consider a Fast 240-volt / 32 amp charging unit for home use (sold separately). This option is the fastest and most convenient way to charge at home. It provides a full charge of 259 mile range in approximately 8 hours. It requires professional installation, so talk to a certified electrician about installation costs and incentives. When you are out and about in public and need to top off the charge on your EV, look for the Super-Fast DC Charging Stations. These public charging stations offer approximately 100 miles of range in about a 30 minute charge. As the interest in electric vehicles increases, you will notice an increase in public charging stations as well.

Regular Maintenance:

Owning a Bolt EV requires less maintenance than a gas vehicle since there are no oil changes or engine upkeep. A few things you will need to keep up on include: rotate your tires every 7,500 miles, replace the cabin air filter every 15,000 miles and check your brakes, hoses and fluid levels periodically. According to EPA, the estimated fuel cost (electric) for the Bolt EV is $550 per year, or about $46 per month. Comparted with an average new vehicle of the dame size, the EPA estimation concludes that the Bolt EV could save you $5,000 in fuel costs over a 5 year period, or roughly $1,000 per year, or about $70 per month.

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