• AEC may refuse to connect or continue service for the following:


  1. Violation of any of its rules and regulations.
  2. Violation of any of the provisions of the schedule of rates and charges.
  3. Violation of any of the provisions of the application of a customer or contract with customer.
  • AEC may discontinue service to the customer for the theft of current or the appearance of current theft devices on the premises of the customer.
  • Service may be discontinued to customers with past due accounts. Payment in full will be required and an additional deposit may be required before service will be restored. Refer to “Reconnection and Connection Charges” for further information.
  • The discontinuance of service by AEC for any causes stated in this rule does not release the customer from his obligation to AEC for payment of minimum bills as specified in contracts or any other amounts due AEC.


Customers who have fulfilled their contract terms and wish to discontinue service may do so upon request by providing proper identification. Notice to discontinue service prior to expiration of contract term will not relieve customer from any minimum or guaranteed payment under any contract or rate.