Meter Information

Advanced Metering Infrastructure brings rapid and reliable two-way communications to solid-state and electromechanical electricity meters for residential and C&I metering.

AMI metering enables utilities to automatically collect interval consumption data, precisely monitor power quality (voltage blinks, sags, swells) as well as instantly detect outages and verify power restorations.

Two-way communication allows a utility to drive down costs by reading customers meters from the operations center, troubleshoot problems remotely, and change meter reporting parameters for all individual or groups accounts.

AMI delivers the data needed for the full range of Grid functionality. Better information leads to more accurate billing, greater reliability and more accurate forecasting. The result is improved 24/7 operational performance, elimination of estimated bills and off-cycle reads, and superior service on every front, whether its for settling disputes or providing customers with up-to-the-minute usage profiles for better energy management.

Important guidelines for meter placement and accessibility:

AEC guidelines require meters to be located 5′ above ground level (plus or minus 12″) for accessibility. All meter bases must be securely attached to the structure to receive electrical service. All meter bases are required to be located outdoors, on the side of an exterior wall or pedestal. No meters may be enclosed. Meter bases should not be covered or obstructed in any way. Bushes, shrubs, siding, boxes, doors and other items may not be placed around an electric meter. The meter base itself is owned by the member; however, AEC owns & provides the meter for purposes of connectivity and billing. AEC identified employees shall have access to member’s premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of reading meters, testing, removing repairing or replacing any or all equipment belonging to AEC. Cooperative guidelines prohibit the obstruction of a meter. Meters may not be enclosed in garages, carports, rooms or by doors or windows in any structure. Meters must remain unobstructed and accessible at all times. Any property owner installing a locking system will be required to furnish a key for the lock, a code or a remote for an electric gate. The member shall exercise proper care to protect AEC personnel in the event of dogs or other animals being in a confined space with the electric meter.


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