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Here's a checklist of helpful information which may come in handy in the event that an outage should arise. If you've ever wondered about what's involved in responding to outages, check out these frequently-asked questions about the power restoration process.


March 19, 2014

AEC recognizes that a secure electric grid, both physical and cyber, is necessary to safely and reliably provide energy to our members. Here's more information about how we monitor and ensure the safety and security of our system.


December 6, 2013


Please be aware that a local business has recently been contacted by someone claiming to be trying to collect for an electric bill. AEC notifies our members by mail concerning electric account payments; we will never initiate a phone call for collection purposes. Stay alert for these types of scams and protect your personal information. Anyone who is receives this type of fraudulent communication is urged to call 911.   


618 pounds of old computers and other electronic equipment, kept out of landfills and on its way to being recycled responsibly! Thanks for your participation in a very successful “E-Cycling” event here at the Co-op, held on Wednesday, November 6th. With what was brought in from the public, in addition to the e-waste that AEC contributed, we managed to completely fill a 15-foot box truck! We partnered with e-Cycle, a Knoxville-based company, to make this event possible. A portion of the collected items will be donated to the Technology Access Program, which refurbishes equipment and makes it available to needy families. All other items collected will be processed responsibly, right here in the U.S. Thanks again for your help!




September 9, 2013



TVA announces retail rate increase of 1.5%

To become effective October 1st

Customers in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s distribution area will sioon see a slight increase in the rates they pay for electricity. The TVA board of directors approved a 1.5 percent retail rate increase at their meeting on August 22nd. The sluggish economy and recent declines in electricity sales seem to be contributing factors. “While we never like to raise rates, this small adjustment is necessary to meet our 2014 revenue requirements and operate our system safely and reliably,” said TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson. The Tennessee Valley Authority board of directors also approved a $10.5 billion fiscal year 2014 budget which anticipates 4.6 percent lower sales for the coming year and is about 6 percent less than 2013. TVA’s action will be the first rate increase by the wholesaler since 2011.

TVA’s action will affect more than 9 million residents of the Tennessee Valley including the 45,000 members of Appalachian Electric Cooperative. As TVA applies this rate increase to its distributors, Cooperative members can expect an increase of approximately $1.50 on their electric bill for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours consumed each month. Appalachian Electric Cooperative will not add any local increase to the TVA rate.

AEC’s average member uses about 1,500 kilowatts each month; at that level, this action would result in an increase of approximately $2.25 on their electric bill. Members with a monthly consumption of 2,500 Kwh would see an increase of about $3.75. At 1.5%, this latest TVA increase will be less than the rate of inflation, which is about 2.9% (according to the Consumer Price Index) since October 2011. Appalachian Electric Cooperative is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable electric service to those members we serve. We are also committed to doing so at an affordable cost.



Thanks to all our members who entered the 2013 Summer Grilling Giveaway!

The contest may be over but summer is still going strong. We have a wide variety of  Meco grills and smokers available, and they’re all on sale!




May 8, 2013

AEC recognized with “Tree Line USA” designation

Appalachian Electric Cooperative has once again been designated by the Arbor Day Foundation as a “Tree Line USA” utility. This is the eighth year in a row that the Cooperative has achieved this honor.

“We don’t take this recognition lightly,” says AEC Vice President of Engineering and Operations Joe McCarter. “This designation is very meaningful to everyone here at the Co-op. Satisfying the program requirements is by no means easy. It represents many hours of education, training, and hard work to conform to utility arboriculture best practices.”

The Tree Line USA program includes five core standards:

Quality tree care

AEC follows industry standards for pruning, planting, removals, and trenching and tunneling near trees.

Annual worker training

Co-op employees and contract workers are trained in best practices.

Tree planting and public education

AEC sponsors and participates in a tree planting and public education program designed to expand the tree canopy in their service area and seeks to educate members about proper tree planting, placement, and pruning.

Tree-based energy conservation program

The Co-op formally recognizes and carefully considers the value of trees in conserving energy.

Arbor Day celebration

AEC sponsors and participates in annual Arbor Day events and collaborates with community groups in efforts to plant and protect trees.

The benefits of adhering to these standards are many. For utilities, it means improved reliability. Properly pruned and maintained trees with healthy root systems results in less decay and structural weakness—which translates into fewer downed lines during storms. Following the idea of “the right tree for the right place” guidance results in improved rights-of-way management. For area residents, it means reduced electricity costs through strategically planted trees that broaden the forest canopy and thus conserve energy—plus, healthy and abundant trees enhance the attractiveness of individual properties and of communities as a whole.

According to McCarter, “Some people have the mistaken idea that there’s always a conflict between power lines and trees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Tree Line USA program recognizes the equal importance of unimpeded utility infrastructure and the benefits provided by America’s forests, woodlands, and trees in urban settings and residential neighborhoods. We’re very proud of the actions we take to make sure our members are provided with safe and reliable electric service—and we also find great reward in the steps we take to protect and promote healthy trees within our service area. This is an ongoing commitment on the part of the Cooperative. Our sights are already set on obtaining the Tree Line USA designation again next year!”


April 1 rate change

Appalachian Electric Cooperative announced a 1.97% increase in retail electric rates, effective April 1, 2013. Read more about what factored into this decision and how it impacts our members.



 2013 Lake Clean Up 

The 2013 Grainger County Lake Clean-Up has been a huge success! Over 8,000 pounds of garbage, tires and household appliances were collected. Special appreciation to the Grainger County Parks & Recreation Department and Mayor Hipsher's office, as well as the members across our service area. AEC is proud to have been a participant in the local event.

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