Our guiding principles


Taken together, the following three statements represent AEC’s guiding principles. They form our corporate culture and the climate in which we conduct our business. They say who we are and what we’re about. They capture the things we care about and believe in. They point us toward the future and inspire us to be our very best.

Our mission

To provide the membership reliable, safe, and efficient electric service in a courteous and timely manner at an affordable cost.

Our vision

AEC sets the standard for distributors of Tennessee Valley Authority power and earns the trust and respect of its members.

Our values

Appalachian Electric Cooperative is governed, managed, and operated by directors and employees who:

  • value the cooperative business model characterized by member ownership and local control
  • earn the trust of the members
  • demonstrate integrity in all we do
  • accept the expectation and demand for excellence
  • manage risk and achieve financial soundness
  • demonstrate financial and environmental stewardship