A New Way To Pay

AEC offers a new option for members. The "Quick Pay" option allows you to make real time payments on any account without using login credentials or passwords. Simply enter the account number and the last name. Payments are accepted in any amount using your credit /debit card or e-check. It's safe, easy and designed especially for you! Quick Pay does not provide account information such as balance due, consumption use or payment history. To manage your account and access detailed information, please continue to use our "Access My Account" link. This requires your user name and password.

AEC to Upgrade Metering Infrastructure

AEC provides ongoing maintenance to its electric system and equipment for accuracy and functionality. Occasionally, we partner with a contractor to provide assistance with some of these maintenance services. Beginning in March and running through May 2018, AEC will be working with NexGen Utility Solutions, to assist us with a field audit of our metering equipment. This process will take place throughout our service area.