New Residential Service

New Residential Service

AEC is prepared to assist you with New Residential Service Requests. We offer electronic options for both FlexPay and Post Pay accounts. Please read the following information to determine which type of account you would like to set up. All service request are for next day service.

FlexPay Residential Account

This account requires a $75.00 fee to start. This includes the $5.00 membership fee, a minimum credit balance of $50.00 and a $20.00 connection service charge. Flex Pay does not require a deposit. FlexPay participants have instant access to how often to make payments—and in what amounts. This option offers you freedom, convenience, and a way to keep an eye on your energy use 24/7. You’ll never again have to wonder how much you might owe on your next electric bill. Co-op FlexPay puts the power of managing your energy use in YOUR hands!
PLEASE NOTE that a Co-op FlexPay account is subject to immediate disconnection any time the credit balance falls to zero or below—including weekends, holidays, and during extreme weather conditions.

For a FlexPay Application, Click here

Post Pay Residential Accounts

These accounts require a $5.00 membership fee, a connection fee of $20.00 and a deposit. Deposits are based on your credit score and can range from $0 to $300.00. Members with Post Pay Accounts receive a monthly bill, via mail or paperless options. Late fees apply after statement due date and accounts are subject to disconnection 11 days after due date.

For a Post Pay Application, click here

Please download and complete the application and return it by e-mail to or fax it to us at 865-475-6496 or return by U.S. Mail. Once you send in you application, please contact our Service Department at 865-475-2032 Ext. 1800 to confirm receipt.

You may reach out to our Service Department at ext. 1800 for additional services such as security lighting.

To obtain Electrical Permits online from the State of Tennessee, please visit or contact the State office at 615-741-7170

To request Electrical Inspections, you must contact the State Office at 615-741-7170