Concern for the communities we serve is one of the seven principals that guide our electric cooperative. One way we accomplish this is through programs designed for members of all ages. We offer presentations on a variety of subjects from electrical safety to energy efficiency. We are able to provide school programs, civic programs and community information programs. Let’s foster the Cooperative Spirit by partnering in member education today!

"B" is for Bucket Truck

AEC invites you to join author and storyteller Becky Burks as she shares an award winning picture book for children about the work of an electric cooperative and the importance of safe, reliable power in the lives of the people served by it.

Science of Electricity - Lesson plans tailored just for you!

Force & Motion lesson plan  Newtons First Law Newtons Second Law  Newtons Third Law
Work Energy Relationships Simple & Compound Machines Forms of Energy Law of Conservation of Energy
Mechanical Energy Chemical Energy Light & Solar Energy Nature of Light
Heat Energy Electrical Energy  Renewable Energy Electricity
Electrical Circuits  Electromagnets Energy Delivery Energy Efficiency
Energy at Home      

A Partnership in Learning!

We appreciate any opportunity to assist in the education of local students. Contact us today to schedule a presentation and free stuff for your class!