Measures Available for Financing

A. Air Sealing - Caulking, weather stripping and other drafty cracks that cause energy loss.

B. Windows and Doors - Installation of doors and windows to increase energy efficiency.

C. Lighting - Install more efficient LED Lighting.

D. Duct System - Repair leaks, inefficient installation or undersized ductwork.

E. Attic Insulation - Increasing the R-value of attic insulation.

F. Water Heater - Upgrading the water heating system and insulation.

G. Heating/Cooling System - Upgrading the HVAC that is most efficient for your home.

Loan Terms

  • Must own the property.
  • Must be a member, in good standing with AEC.
  • Must meet minimum credit score standards.
  • Interest rate is 5% APR.
  • Loan term is up to 120 months.
  • A UCC-1 filing fixture will secure the property. There is a filing fee.
  • Same day approval.
  • On-Bill financing convenience.

Get Started Now

  • Contact AEC Member Services Dept. in person or by phone at Ext. 1880
  • Complete loan application form
  • Receive credit check approval
  • Must provide property ownership documentation upon request
  • Must show valid Federal or State photo ID
  • Must have a minimum 12 month payment history with utility
  • Choose your general contractor and go!

We Offer Options

  • All electric heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pump systems
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Dual fuel heat pumps
  • Mini-split HVAC systems
  • Marathon water heaters

The AEC Energy Efficiency Loan Program is designed to help AEC’s members with financing energy efficiency upgrades.

A Member Services staff member can help you fill out an application over the phone. Call 865.475.2032 ext. 1880 for assistance.