Each prospective member desiring electric service will be required to:

  • Sign AEC’s membership application for service contract.
  • Contribute $5.00 for membership.
  • Pay the required deposit.
  • Pay a service connection charge


  • Membership fees for new members are $5.00



  • $0.00 to $300.00 based on credit review
  • Applicant must provide Social Security number to establish service


  • Small businesses: $300 minimum
  • Others: two times average monthly bill

(1) After two years of continuous service at the same location and all bills being paid by the net due date, the deposit is subject to be applied to the member’s account. (2) Upon termination of electric service, the deposit will be applied to any unpaid bills of the member and if any balance of the deposit remains, said balance will be refunded to the member.

Service Connection Fee


  • Next Day (meter only): $ 20
  • Same Day (meter only): $ 60
  • New Connection (Requiring bucket truck. Must be scheduled): $50


  • Single phase and three phase self contained meter: $25
  • Three phase and special meters: $50 minimum

All new services could require an aid-to-construction or engineering charge.

Service Charges

Collection & Reconnection Charges

Whenever a trip is made to collect an account, there will be a $15.00* minimum charge for the trip. If an account has been disconnected for non-payment and the customer desires to pay the bill and be reconnected, the following reconnection charges will apply:

  • During normal working hours $30.00*
  • Between 4:00 P.M.. and 10:00 P.M.. $60.00*
  • After 10:00 P.M.., weekends, holidays $150.00*

Any check returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $15.00* minimum bad check charge

*Charges are subject to change without notice.

Temporary Service Charge

Customers requiring electric service on a temporary basis may be required by AEC to pay all costs for connection and disconnection incidental to the supplying and removing of service. This rule applies to circuses, carnivals, fairs, temporary construction, etc.

Service for New Construction

All connections for new service are $50.00* minimum (an additional minimum bill guarantee “ aid to construction” charge may apply to line extensions)

There are additional requirements for establishing service for new construction. To obtain new service the customer is required to:

  • Apply for service. (sign a contract and easement)
  • Pay a membership and a deposit.
  • Pay a service charge for new service.
  • Obtain a state electrical permit. (The person responsible for the electrical work should purchase the state electrical permits.)

New Service Procedures

At the time service is applied for, our customer service representative will fill out a spot sheet for our engineers. The engineers will then go out and mark the service and note any trimming that has to be done before the job can be scheduled. All grade work must be complete before the temporary service can be spotted.

After our engineers have spotted for the service (temporary or permanent), it is the responsibility of the customer to employ an electrician to complete the wiring. A customer may wire his own property provided his work passes the state inspection.

After the job is completed, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify the state inspector that the job is ready for inspection. If the work passes, the inspector will issue an approved job certificate to the Cooperative and the Cooperative will connect the service as soon as possible. If the service has not been connected within five (5) working days after the inspection is made, please call AEC Customer Service at 865-475-2032, Ext.1800.