Are you considering installing solar panels or have you been contacted by a solar installer?  Protect yourself by researching any offers from solar installers before you sign a contract!  There are many resources to ensure you select a qualified and credible company.  Follow these four steps before entering into a solar contract.

  1. Research:

  • Get quotes from multiple companies
  • Carefully read the terms of the proposal
  1. Experience:

  • Ask the installer for references
  • Look at customer reviews
  1. Licenses:

  • Check that the installer has up-to-date business license and insurance
  1. Expertise:

  • Confirm the installer has a Solar PV Installation Professional or Board Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. This certification is the gold standard for the industry.

TVA and AEC are here to help! You can always reach out to us with questions, comments, or concerns.

For additional questions within the AEC service area, please contact Carey Rose at extension 1174.

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