Josh Compton
Executive Vice President and General Manager
865-475-2032 ext.1201

Conard Frye
Vice President Administration
865-475-2032 ext.1231

Joe McCarter
Vice President Engineering & Operations
865-475-2032 ext.1051

Ruth Christian
Executive Assistant
865-475-2032 ext.1204

Chad Orr
Director of Office Services
865-475-2032 ext.1101

Robert Gass
Director of Accounting
865-475-2032 ext.1232

Emily Walls
Director of Communications and Marketing
865-475-2032 ext.1173

Scott Tipton
Director of Member Relations
865-475-2032 ext.1109

Robert Kindred
Director of Information Technology
865-475-2032 ext.1242

Mitch Cain
Director of Member Services
865-475-2032 ext.1175

James H. Rogers
Supervisor of Purchasing
865-475-2032 ext.1255

Jim Greer
Director of Operations
865-475-2032 ext.1038

Adam Newcomb
Director of Engineering & Transmission
865-475-2032 ext.1037

Blake McNew
Director of Fiber Services
865-475-2032 ext.1032